Our Story

Like a lot of folk these days, we were over using plastic wrapping material to cover our food. It doesn't feel good and we know single use plastics are a serious problem in our environment and in our oceans.  Medical research also shows that plasticizer chemicals can leach into our food and create long term health risks. Something had to shift in our home!


We were delighted to discover beeswax wraps. They were a perfect

(and pretty!) solution to our problem. But if you got more than a few of the good quality wraps the costs could add up - so we thought 'let's make our own, it can't be too tricky! We poured many hours into researching different recipes and techniques and hunting down suppliers of quality ingredients. After cooking up lots of trial and error batches in our kitchen to get the wax blend right, we finally we came up with our own blend that made beeswax wraps which were just as good as the ones you can find in stores or online.

So we showed our friends of course. And then they told their friends. Soon we were making up bars of our beeswax wrap blend and sending them all over Australia.


Once you have a good beeswax blend, making your own wax wraps is a simple process, all you need is a stove top with some basic kitchen utensils.


And that is how "bee folk' came to be.