How do I clean my wraps

Can I bring them into NZ

Hello, I want to take either a kit or some wraps to NZ in December for Christmas presents. I didn’t think NZ allowed bee products into the country. Is there a special customs declaration I need to have? I was going to just put the kit or wraps in check in luggage

There are restrictions on bringing some bee products such as honey, propolis and unrefined beeswax into New Zealand. However, it is possible to bring in processed and packaged products containing refined beeswax which meet biosecurity requirements and are accompanied by a manufacturer's declaration. I can send you our manufacture's declaration with your order, which you can present on arrival. Ultimately however, it will be up to the customs inspector whether the product is allowed in

Is resin food safe?

Hi, just wondering if the pine resin is food safe? I was reading up on what it actually was & came across some information that wasn’t very positive! Also, is it from China??

The resin we use is gum rosin which comes from sustainable pine plantations in India. Rosin is used traditionally and commercially in many cosmetics, medicinals and for some food preparations. I suggest you check the Wikipedia page on 'Rosin' to get more information on this ingredient Our supplier's website lists it as food grade, but we are a cottage industry and don't have the resources to verify that claim. We feel the resin is important to help the wraps cling well. But if you are uncertain, you may prefer to source a product from another supplier which does not contain any resin

Hi, are the ingredients all food safe? I have noticed ready made wraps claiming the they only use food safe oils but you don't make that claim. Can you please clarify?

Allergic reaction?

I’m interested in buying one of your ready-made beeswax wrap blocks to try making my own wraps at home, but I just read on another seller’s ad that it’s not a good idea to use tree resin in the mix as it’s not compliant with Australian Food Standards - just wondering your thoughts on that?

We don't sell our bars as a food. The resin we use is gum rosin. There are various opinions on the net. I would suggest reading the Wikipedia entry on rosin which mentions its use in cosmetics and medicinals. If you search the medical literature you will see some individuals can have an allergic reaction to rosin, but usually in high exposure situations. Our supplier lists our resin as food safe, but as a cottage industry, we don't have the resources to verify that. I leave it to you to make your own judgement and if you feel it !at be a food safety or allergy risk better not to purchase

What sort of fabric is best?

Depending on the thickness of your material, one beefolk bar can cover 5 cloths - one large 35cm x35cm, 2 medium 27cm x 27cm, 2 small 18cm x 18cm.
Or use these measurements as a guide to making your own custom size cloths.
It will cling to ceramic, glass or metal bowls just like cling wrap. the wax stays on when folded and the wraps last up to 12 months or more depending on usage.
If you check out my website I have a short 1 min video that shows you how to make the wraps