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Our Story

Bee folk was born at home in my own humble kitchen here in the Northern Rivers. I never felt good using plastic cling wrap and then throwing it away. When I first heard about beeswax wraps I was so excited about finally finding an alternative to single use plastic and soon started experimenting with my own blend.

A friend gave me a kilo of beeswax from a local beekeeper and it felt and smelled so natural and good! I spent many hours researching and playing with different formulas of wax, resin and oil blends on my kitchen stove until I finally curated the perfect DIY beeswax wrap blend.

I recognised that there were bound to be many people who would like to make their own wax wraps but found it difficult or overwhelming to source the ingredients and take the time to work out the best blend combination. Soon I was making bars for family and friends to make their own.

The feedback I received was really positive, so I decided to offer my bars online and at local markets. Today bee folk has grown into a small family business and it is wonderful to see more and more people taking up the wax wrap idea and ditching single use plastic. I hope you enjoy the delightful process of making your own beeswax wraps with either our organic cotton and hemp cloth or your own treasured fabric - we always love to see your creations!

Marianni New
bee folk
Burringbar, N.S.W