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How To Guide

1. bee folk blend bar
2. Set of fabric pieces

(Colour fast fabrics, fine cotton or hemp about bed sheet thickness works best. See our Coverage Guide to determine how many bars you will need)

1. Gas or electric stove top
2. Saucepan 
3. Heatproof bowl (sits on top of saucepan)
4. Chopstick
5. Tongs
6. Baking paper

Remember to read our Safety Precautions before beginning.

Step 1
Bring saucepan of water to the boil then turn down to simmer, place a metal bowl on top. Ensure water isn't too full and doesn't touch bottom of the bowl.

Step 2
Melt your bee folk blend bar in the bowl and stir with chopstick until completely melted (takes around 10 minutes).

Step 3
Simply dip your fabric piece into the wax and stir until completely soaked. Lift out with tongs holding two top corners above bowl to catch the initial drips. Then move wrap over baking paper, stretch the corners wide open and catch the last few drops. Lay flat onto a fresh sheet of baking paper or peg them up to dry.

Clean your bowl by wiping with paper towel while wax is still warm. But never tip wax down your sink!